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Music manuscript notation, for all its deficiencies, is a wonderful invention, not just as a means of saving for posterity but also because it allows you the time to reflect and add a level of structure and polish to your composition that is almost impossible in real-time creation.

Available to purchase and download are copies of the piano sheet music optimised for iPad or printable in A4/letter size.  The original works have been lovingly curated by Jackie Leigh and come complete with composer notes.



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“The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration”

A unique opportunity to introduce orchestral music to a new generation, to preserve the orchestral culture and present it in a less elite world. The audience will have the chance to delve into the thrilling “World of Hans Zimmer” with all its multilayered facets.

Under the direction of Gavin Greenaway, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack conductor – whom, he says, he trusts more than he trusts himself – the large symphony orchestra and all soloists will deliver an intense and unforgettable concert experience.


2023 concert dates will follow, subscribe for announcements