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Monika Müller

Monika Müller

Public Relations

Monika handles Public Relations for Gavin Greenaway across Europe. With a background in journalism and TV presenting in her native Austria, she works on behalf of a number of artists, including  the Grammy award winning bassist Juan García-Herreros aka “Snow Owl”. It is an absolute delight to have her on the team.

Simon Clew

Simon Clew

Media Manager

Simon has been a long-time collaborator with Gavin Greenaway. With a commercial background in marketing and business development, Simon operates as Gavin’s Media Manager. Developing the use of digital media including social, mobile, video and the website.

Luke Gray

Luke Gray

UK promotion

Luke works for All About Promotions,  an independent music promotions company specialising in Radio, Television and Consultancy.  

A big fan of Gavin’s work, Luke tirelessly works to ensure that Gavin’s music is heard as far and wide as possible. Luke actually looks like Cary Grant, but he’s a bit shy.


To contact Gavin Greenaway by post, please write to us at:

G Music Limited, 5 Technology Park, Colindeep Lane, London, NW9 6BX, UK

“The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration”

A unique opportunity to introduce orchestral music to a new generation, to preserve the orchestral culture and present it in a less elite world. The audience will have the chance to delve into the thrilling “World of Hans Zimmer” with all its multilayered facets.

Under the direction of Gavin Greenaway, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack conductor – whom, he says, he trusts more than he trusts himself – the large symphony orchestra and all soloists will deliver an intense and unforgettable concert experience.


2023 concert dates will follow, subscribe for announcements