The World of Hans Zimmer  A New Dimension

New for 2024

Watch the artists prepare and perform on the world of Hans Zimmer 2022 European tour

The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration first wowed audiences in Germany in 2018 and has since been on a triumphal march around the world. Hans Zimmer himself will not appear live on stage in The World of Hans Zimmer – A New Dimension but will function as the show’s curator and musical director. He says: “My aspiration with this new show is to preserve the culture of the orchestra and allow audiences to rediscover the unique facets of orchestral music. There are many background stories I would love to tell and long-time companions and friends I would like to introduce.”

Gavin has been collaborating with Hans Zimmer for the past 25 years, from the beginning of the composer‘s career through to his biggest blockbusters. The musical director has conducted a number of Zimmer‘s film scores, including “The Prince of Egypt”, “Gladiator”, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Ring”, “Inception” and “Interstellar”. 

Gavin puts into words how the great interplay between all the musicians works in this concert series: “We have found a way for everyone to exist in this music without anyone being the big star. The music will be the star. … The show is an absolute thrill, and we love it.” The audience will be able to enjoy stunning visual projections of film sequences alongside the music.


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